Meet Our Team


President & Owner

Darrell Seaba: Darrell established Goldfield Telecom in 1993.


Troy Seaba: Troy has been with Goldfield Telecom since 1993.



Jason Beisel: Vice President of Sales
Jason is based out of Iowa and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 2003. Territory: Northwest Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota.

John Wehlage: Upper Midwest Regional Sales Director
John is based out of Wisconsin and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 2019. Territory: Northeastern Minnesota, North Dakota,  Montana.

Kevin Poskitt: Midwest Regional Sales Director
Territory: Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Kim Lockamy: Southeast Regional Sales Director
Kim is based out of Florida and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 2005. Territory: Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida.

Doug Gabrielson: Great Lakes Regional Sales Director
Doug is based out of Michigan and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 2007. Territory: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan.

John Poulin: Northeast Regional Sales Director
John is based of out Maine and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 2012. Territory: Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia.

Jeff Gray: Gulf Regional Sales Director
Jeff is based out of Texas and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 2017. Territory: Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona.

Mike Arthur: Missouri Account Manager
Mike is based out of Missouri and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 1992. Territory: Missouri.

Sales Engineering

Jason Kincaid: Eastern Regional Sales Engineer
Jason is based out of North Carolina and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 2013.


Larry Carlson: Midwest Regional Sales Engineer
Larry is based out of Minnesota and has been with Goldfield Telecom since 2011.

Inside Sales Operations

Paul Liebbe: Director of Sales Operations

Robert Jensen: Inside Sales

Taylor Lehman: Inside Sales

Eric Falck: Cabinet Sales & Integration


"Goldfield Telecom is one of our leading technology suppliers assisting us in pinpointing the right products. Goldfield has the knowledge and experience being a phone company themselves to deliver a working "end to end" solution. We consider them a partner to meet the growing demands of broadband to our customers."

– Dave Fox, President of Westphalia Telephone & Westphalia Broadband Inc.

"In today's marketplace, it is essential to evaluate all technologies an the vendor before making a buy decision. We have found that Goldfield Telecom continues to devote the time and resources that help us make cost effective decisions for our network. We will continue working with Goldfield Telecom in the future."

– Chris Hopp, General Manager / COO, Alpine Communications

"Goldfield Telecom has been supplying Ben Lomand Telephone with Purcell cabinets for Occam equipment since 2006. Goldfield is very responsive to our configuration, time lines, and demand. They take the time to go thru the configuration of the remote and make sure it is delivered the way we want it. We had an issue with the configuration on one cabinet but did not find out about it until the Goldfield tech was already on-site waiting for the remote to be delivered so he could correct the issue. This is the kind of customer service Goldfield brings with their products. We forecast our equipment needs as best we can. There have been times we have needed remotes not forecasted and the equipment was delivered with exact specs in less than 4 weeks. Goldfield put the customer first and delivers a quality and reliable product."

– Ray Cantrell, Network Operations Manager of Ben Lomand Telephone