Strowger, Inc.
 is a manufacturer representative company.  Our goal is to introduce unique telecommunications products into the North American market.  Currently we represent many manufacturers throughout Asia & Europe and handle all aspects of their presence in North America including: importing, sales, marketing, financial, and field operations.

We pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with our customers and often go to great lengths to troubleshoot and support our unique offerings in the telecom space.


Strowger, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Steve Vogel. Steve is a 30+ year veteran of the Telecomm Industry, having worked in software engineering, strategic planning, and sales for companies like Sprint and Silicon Valley start-ups such as Cyras (now part of Ciena) and Rapid5 Networks.

He is joined by a sales team of industry professionals and an operations staff that drinks too much coffee culminating in a team that consistently delivers.

Infinite Reach ADSL

Strowger has spent the bulk of its time in the industry finding new ways to enhance ADSL service.  This has culminated in a unique technological offering we refer to as Infinite Reach ADSL.  Combining both analog ADSL Loop Extenders and digital DSLAM Regenerators we offer a unique solution that can extend any level of ADSL service to any customer; allowing you to claim 100% service utilization to the Public Service Commissions.

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