A Leader in End-to End Video Delivery Architecture

Since 2008, Inca Networks has been reinventing video delivery by providing carrier-class products that can be scaled and customized to meet delivery, transcoding and processing needs. Co-founders Jeff Campbell and Mike Bradley created Inca with the goal of helping operators meet the industry’s fast-changing standards and technologies while remaining both competitive and profitable. We are Main Street, not Wall Street. Our focus is our customers. In 2015, Inca joined Germany’s WISI Group, one of the worldwide pioneers of receiving and distributing technology for more than 90 years. Together, Inca and WISI are dedicated to providing innovative products that will help any video distributor minimize operating costs while maximizing the scale and efficiency at every point in the network. Inca is focused on researching, developing and engineering efficient, first-rate products to keep video operators working smoothly today while providing the roadmap to next-generation video delivery.

Intelligent Video Delivery™ Inca’s Intelligent Video Delivery™ is an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use solution that delivers the best viewing experience – unique visibility into every step of the video processing chain – all in one solution. Inca’s modular solution provides control, flexibility, and powerful performance. Together with Inca Networks as a trusted partner, you can use the Inca platform to define next-generation multiscreen services and to evolve, grow, and remain profitable in the face of rapid change.

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