Founded in 1990, Comtrend is a leading designer and manufacturer of broadband communication equipment. Comtrend was founded by engineers from Bell Labs/AT&T, and today maintains senior management from the Telecom Industry. Given the economic challenges from 2001 to today, Comtrend’s growth and stability is a remarkable testament to good people, product, and service. Since its inception, Comtrend has shipped 25+ million broadband units globally across ten regional business units.

Leading the Communication Trend

Comtrend participated in a watershed moment in the delivery of television. Telephone companies became true Service Providers in 2001 when ADSL2+ (and later bonded) allowed TV over a twisted pair of copper wires. Comtrend led that charge, with engineers who newly embraced a ‘no dropped packets’ paradigm. Unsurprisingly, over 50% of Comtrend’s employees are involved with R&D. Together, they partner with the many telcos embracing this movement and ultimately earned Comtrend a list of 100+ IPTV-deploying telephone companies globally.

The partnership continues with Comtrend’s Early Adopter Program (EAP). Sixty hand-picked service providers test and evaluate new products and ideas. This remains a gamechanger in our industry, one that gives all partners a competitive advantage.

Supplying the World in Real Time

Today, quality manufacturing is kept in-house at parent company Edimax. And through established partnerships with seven national distributors in North America, Comtrend uses a strong logistical network to meet the needs of over 400 buying groups. Comtrend’s team delivers.


Expanding Markets

Historically, Comtrend’s early adoption of new technologies allowed telephone companies to push their new services further and faster. Today, new in-home networking technologies promise faster and more profitable deployments for all types of service providers.

Product & Expertise Diversification

Comtrend established its identity as a technology leader deploying ADSL2+/Bonded, VDSL2/Bonded, and now G.INP and VDSL2 Vectoring. Another standard emerged, a protocol known as TR-069, allowing centralized management of CPE. In 2003 Comtrend launched its own Auto Configuration Server (ACS) software solution, with ACS CentralTM, a cloud-based version live in 2013. Comtrend has been able to leverage its increasing success with all Service Providers (DSL, Cable, & Fiber) by partnering with innovative Technology partners like Sigma Designs and Celeno, to offer a broad array of award-winning products for home and office networking.

Comtrend’s Home Networking line-up was quickly adopted by Service Providers urgently seeking new revenue from their well-established customer base. Comtrend’s retail products hit their shelves- in store, online, and hand-carried with installers. This new revenue stream gives their customers access to powerline and wireless technologies, including USB adapters, switches, routers, and repeaters. Good partnerships grow.

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