Clear2there began offering IOT services to service providers in June 2012. Since then, C2t’s IOT platform has been installed in the data centers of over 170 service providers, making C2t the leader in the Tier 3 telecom market. As service providers install C2t servers in their data centers, C2t is strategically positioned as the delivery system for all third-party IOT products and services.

According to IDC, the Internet of Things is projected to be an $8.9 trillion dollar industry by 2020. Clear2there (C2t) provides Internet of Things solutions to its customer base of service providers including broadband operators, regional telephone, data and mobile communications providers, cable operators, and electric utilities. These service providers then resell C2t’s solutions to their home, business, farm and government subscribers.

Clear2there’s current IOT offerings include business, farm and home automation, Cloud video recording, access control, point of sale integration, energy management and healthcare. C2t will continue to grow revenue by offering the best of breed third party and internally developed IOT solutions to its service provider partners.

Employee resources are throughout the country, strategically reaching and touching our customers. Emphasis in our Deerfield Beach, Florida location, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix, Arizona. Engineering superiority, experienced in sales and marketing, and an appetite to maintain a strong financial position. The Management Team is experienced and clear on direction. Our customers are first, and foremost to our success and delivering solutions that the market desires.


Home Automation and Security

At Clear2there we offer full-featured home automation packages to service providers as well as the most cost effective and energy efficient centralized videostorage solution in the industry.

Business Automation and Energy Management

For small business customers we offer value- added automation and energy management solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. The Clear2there portfolio includes everything from sensors, devices, and locks, to lighting, energy management products, and much more.

Product Portfolio


  • Flood Water Detection Devices
  • High Quality Wireless IP Camera for live and recorded video
  • Light Dimmer
  • Low Cost Wireless IP Camera for snapshot images and live video
  • Professional Quality IP Cameras with HD video in bullet and dome housings
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Wireless Smart Locks with LCD and Push Button Models
  • Wireless Keychain Fobs
  • Wireless Door/Window Sensors
  • Wireless Outdoor Power Outlet
  • Wireless Indoor Power Outlet
  • Wireless Home Energy Monitoring Kit
  • Wireless Multi-sensor (Motion, Temperature, Lighting, Humidity Detection)
  • Wireless Siren and Flashing Light


Home Healthcare

We offer self-monitoring senior care and smart healthcare applications to enable people to remain in their homes when they are sick, injured and as they age. By seamlessly integrating various types of devices, cameras, locks, sensors, and controls you can insure safety and security. Additional solutions include, panic or alert pendants, bedside alarms, fall detection devices and more.

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