Who We Are:

Calix (NYSE: CALX) is a global leader in access innovation. With its Unified Access portfolio, communications service providers can transform their networks to meet changing subscriber demands rapidly and cost-effectively, while delivering a wide range of revenue-generating services over both legacy and next-generation access infrastructure.

We enable communications service providers to provide a wide range of revenue-generating services, from basic voice and data to advanced broadband services, over legacy and next-generation access networks. In addition, our solutions are designed to minimize the capital and operational costs of service provider networks. Calix develops and sells solutions focused solely on access networks, and our carrier-class hardware and software products, which we refer to as our Unified Access portfolio, are designed to enhance and transform CSP access networks to meet the changing demands of subscribers rapidly and cost-effectively. Over 1000 service providers, representing more than 50 million access lines globally, are utilizing innovative Calix access solutions to enable a rich set of information, communication, and entertainment services to expand their customer relationships and revenue base.

Delivering Access Innovation:

The industry’s broadest access portfolio, the Calix Unified Access portfolio consists of our three core platforms, our B-Series multiservice over Ethernet platform, our C-Series multiservice, multiprotocol access platform, and our E-Series advanced Ethernet service access platforms, along with our complementary P-Series optical network terminals (ONTs), our Calix Management System (CMS) element management software, and our Compass suite of value-added software applications. This comprehensive portfolio serves the service provider network from the central office to the subscriber premises and enables them to deliver both basic voice and data and advanced broadband services over legacy and next-generation access networks. Our Unified Access Infrastructure allows service providers to evolve their networks and service delivery capabilities at a pace that balances their financial, competitive and technology needs. 

The Calix Value:

The Calix access portfolio provides the right solutions optimized to meet emerging services and operational requirements, while simultaneously providing multiple managed transformation paths to an all-optical, all-Ethernet access network.  The results for service providers are clear: virtually unlimited bandwidth and connectivity to every customer, regardless of their physical network topology or access network element placement. At Calix, we bring broadband to the world through Access Innovation, and achieve this by providing communications service providers with the best technology, the best access network solutions, the best product support, and industry-leading customer service. 

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